Health & Safety

“Provision for pupil’s welfare, health and safety is outstanding”-Ofsted May 2012

The school  is separated from the main farm area and functions independently from the farm. The school area is animal free. To have access to the farm, children are accompanied by an adult at all times. There are no large animals on the farm, just chickens, sheep and pigs.

HSE guidance on being around animals is followed at all times. The Head and Deputy have experience of working in a school that has incorporated working with animals into the curriculum.

For general Health and Safety guidance please download this policy.


Safeguarding children’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us. Training for all staff is rigorous and kept up to date.  Jonathan, Jayne and Ryan have considerable experience in this field and are all Designated Senior Person (DSP) trained.

Alongside this there are two independent DSP professionals available in the event of a complaint being made about any of the senior staff.